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  Write Up-4

Compound D is a acid salt can also be obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of A.

 Questions Based on this write up

Q1: When compound X is treated with benzene in presence of alc. KOH compound E is obtained. The compound E is :

Q2: Compound A on reaction with BH3-THF/H2O2/ -OH gives :

Q3: Compound B is :
          (a) 1, 3 butadiene             (b) benzene
          (c) propyne                      (d) none

Q4: Compound C on reaction with HCN followed by hydrolysis gives :
          (a) a optically active compound
          (b) optically inactive compound (with no chiral carbon)
          (c) Meso compound
none of these

Q5: Compound D is
          (a) Ph-COO-
          (b) CH3-COO-
          (c) HCOO-
none of these

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