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  Write Up-7

A, B, C are three points on the parabola y2 = 4ax. Tangents at A, B, C make angles 30, 45 and 60 with x-axis. Taken at pairs the tangents intersect at P, Q, R. A triangle PQR is now formed.

 Questions Based on this write up

Q1: Which of the following statements cannot be made under the above conditions ?
      (a) The abscissa of the points are in G.P.
      (b) The ordinates are in G.P.
      (c) The tangents at A, C meet on the ordinate of B.
The normals at A, B, C meet the axis at points where abscissa are in A.P.

Q2: The area of triangle PQR is k times the area of triangle ABC where k is :
       (a) 2                      (b) 3          
       (c) 1/2                   (d) None of these.

Q3: The orthocenter of which of the following triangles lies on the directrix :
       (a) ABC
       (b) PQR
       (c) ABR

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