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IITJEE Two Year Course (Maths)
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 This course contains complete IIT-JEE Mathematics for 11th class students course with following feature 

  • Details Lecture as Classroom.
  • For IITJEE-2012
  • No Animated lectures we always provide lecture with human touch.
  • Fees for this course is Rs 7500/-( Rupees Seven Thousands and Five Hundreds only) which can be paid in two installments.
  • Every Topic will be supported with assignments.
  • No extra Correspondence course require.
  • Online Chat with faculty.
  • Online doubt clearing.
  • Attend 10 Lectures free of cost.
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Course will Expire on :1-7-2013
Total Fees of the course is Indian Rupees 7500 which can be paid in 2 Installments
This course is available to students who is in class 11
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Chapter Name Topic Name Subject
Inequality Basic Maths Maths
Graph Basic Maths Maths
Basic Differentiation Basic Maths Maths
Basic Integration Basic Maths Maths
Quadratic Equation Algebra Maths
Progression Algebra Maths
Permutation and Combination Algebra Maths
Binomial Theorem Algebra Maths
Complex Number Algebra Maths
Probability Algebra Maths
Matrices Algebra Maths
Advance Inequality Calculus Maths
Function Calculus Maths
Limits Calculus Maths
Continuity Calculus Maths
Differentiability Calculus Maths
Monotonocity Calculus Maths
Maxima and Minima Calculus Maths
Tangent and Normal Calculus Maths
Rolles and Mean Value Theorem Calculus Maths
Tracing of Curve Calculus Maths
Indefinite Integration Calculus Maths
Definite Integration Calculus Maths
Area Calculus Maths
Differential Equation Calculus Maths
Basic Coordinate Co-ordinate Geometry Maths
Straight Lines Co-ordinate Geometry Maths
Pair of Straight Lines Co-ordinate Geometry Maths
Circle Co-ordinate Geometry Maths
Parabola Co-ordinate Geometry Maths
Ellipse Co-ordinate Geometry Maths
Hyperbola Co-ordinate Geometry Maths
Vector Algebra Vector and 3-D Maths
3-D Geometry Vector and 3-D Maths
Trignometrical Ratio and Identities Trignometry Maths
Trignometric Equations Trignometry Maths
Properties of Triangles Trignometry Maths
Inverse Circular Functions Trignometry Maths